About Burke's Hauling, Inc.

The Company

The Burke's Hauling CrewBurke's Hauling Inc. is an excavating contractor that specializes in handling the excavation needs of underground installation. We provide full service for contractors ranging from small businesses to large corporations. We pride ourselves on being one of the most responsive contractors in the industry today. We also provide 24-hour emergency service for all of our clients. Burke's Hauling's top priorities are safety and efficiency. We are affiliated with the Local 150 operating engineers. When working with Burke's Hauling you can always count on getting an operator who is trained to the highest level in safety, as well as productivity for the work specific to your business. Let Burke's Hauling provide our expertise in excavation so you can focus your expertise.


The History

The History of Burke's HaulingThe original Burke's Hauling and Refuse was founded in 1976 by Mike Burke, right after he graduated high school. He the sold the successful business in 1994 to pursue other ventures. Brian Burke and his mother Bobbi Burke then founded Burke's Hauling Inc. At the time, Bobbi Burke was a hairdresser. To aid her son in starting his business, she gave up her profession to learn how to drive their first dump truck while Brian attended school. Before anyone knew it, Burke's Hauling had grown to three dump trucks and several pieces of construction equipment. Along the way, both Brian and Dalton Harrolle - the first employee of Burke's Hauling, grew with the company to bring it to what it is today. Now in 2017, Brian is still running the family owned and operated business that employs more than twelve people. Within the history of Burke's Hauling, there are decades of experience which has taught Brian the importance of prompt, reliable, and accurate service.