Landscaping Products

Alongside our Mulch and Topsoil, Burke's Hauling also offers stone, sand, and many other landscaping materials. Whether it's river rocks, gravel, sand, or anything else you can think of, Burke's offers the best in quality.

We offer Topsoil and Mulch by the yard, and Sand and Stone by the ton. One yard of sand/stone weighs 1.5 tons.

Because we have our own dirt fields where landscapers etc. buy their pulverized top soil, mulch, and stone, you would be buying directly from their suppliers. Call for our new dirt field locations!

Stone, Gravel, and Sand Uses for Landscaping

  • Mason Sand: reconditioning bricks/works through cracks - under above ground pools - brick laying.
  • Torpedo/Washed Sand: on top of base stone - under flagstone, pavers, bricks - patio and retaining walls.
  • Aglime Screenings: horse stalls - sheds - driveways (packs hard).
  • Pea Gravel: decorative around landscaping, pools, and decks, walkways - backfilling around fuel tanks - much less expensive than imported stone, granite, lava rock, slate, river rock, etc. - drainage.
  • 3/4" - 1" Crushed Dolomite: trench bedding, backfill, has 0 compaction - under drain tile for better drainage - under garages and around foundation - the main ingredient of concrete.
  • 1" Crushed Dolomite (Gray): decorative around landscaping - trench bedding - backfill under pipes and garage floors.
  • Ca6 Gray/Galena White: under patios - driveways.
  • 3" x 1": decorative - subase under ca6 - under roads - erosion control.
  • Ca7 1" Crushed: decorative or under foundations.
  • Ca7 Gravel 3/4" - 1": decorative or multi-purpose.

Other Landscape Products

  • Garden Mix
  • Compost
  • Mushroom Compost
  • Decorative Stone
  • Pica Gravel
  • Limestone Products
  • Asphalt Grindings


We bring top soil to our client across the area at the best rates.

Landscaping Materials

From sand to limestone, Burke's has your landscape covered.


No landscape is complete without a load of mulch from Burke's.