Everytime you call Burke's for mulch needs you're getting the absolute best quality and prices around because you're buying directly from the supplier. Burke offers only the best mulch in many varieties, so that you have the best quality mulch for whatever project you may be working on. Burke's also offers delivery on all of their products right to your door or project site. With #1 best premium hardwood mulch, Burke's selection of mulch is the best around! Let Burke's Hauling handle the hard part while you focus on the important parts of the project.

We offer Topsoil and Mulch by the yard. Call for our Hours of Operation.

About Our Mulch

  • Why Mulch?
    • Keeps Soil Moist and Soft
    • Smothers Most Weeds
    • Shades Soil, Reducing Heat Stress
    • Regulates Soil Temperature
    • Helps Prevent Plants from Heaving Out of Soil
    • Reduces Erosion
    • Keeps Fruits/Vegetables Clean
    • Minimizes Stress for New Transplants
    • Ease of Application
  • The Best Mulch
    • Availability
    • Organic Mulch Will Decompose
    • Appearance: Pick a mulch that won't have your neighbors whispering behind your back
    • Fine (premium) rots faster, while coarser mulches tend to hand around longer and need less maintenance
    • Other Dyed Mulches may not be the correct color, or fade quickly to ugly colors
    • Some cheap pallet mulches are not heavy enough and blow around in the wind, our mulch has Staying Power!
  • Mulch or Compost?

In wet soil and humid climates, organic mulches can promote diseases and increased chance of rot. If spread too thickly, mulch can interfere with the soils air circulation. Inorganic mulches such as landscape fabric are good to keep weeds down, but first you should spread 1-2" of compost over the soil. Once the landscape fabric is in place, it is hard to replenish soil organic matter. Spread mulch evenly at least 4" for new beds and existing beds 2-4" deep and 1-2" away from plants.

Mulch Varieties

Triple Ground Premium Hardwood (#1 Best Seller**)This is our most requested mulch because of its rich color and it's all organic. Requested by most landscapers, businesses, and municipalities.

Safetree-Mat (playground material), no sharps, very soft, if drained properly will last approx. 4 years. Will be dusty when delivered. Will settle in layered big pieces on top. No recycled materials. ASTM Certified.

Premium Bark 10% red oak bark, imported from La Crosse, WI. & Huston, MN. Triple processed, sweet smell, breaks down into great compost every 2 years.

Treated Hardwood Same as Triple Ground Premium Hardwood and treated with vegetable oil based paint, not dye. Chocolate.

Recycled Colored Mulch 100% recycled wood, locally generated, pallets and construction lumber. Not for playgrounds or composting, 3-4 year lifespan. Red, dyed chocolate, brown, black, and cedar (gold).

Premium Animal Bedding Screened from recycled wood grindings, very absorbent, low dust. Bulk Buy only.

Grass and Leaf Premium Compost All Organic.

Mushroom Compost We can also make your 2-year specifications garden mix, perennial mix, etc.

Mulch Colors

Premium Bark Mulch

Triple Ground Premium Hardwood

Cypress Mulch


Dyed Brown Mulch

Dyed Brown (Chocolate)

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar

Dyed Red

Dyed Red

Cedar/Oak Chips

Cedar and Oak Chips

Play Mat

Play Mat/Play Soft

Shredded Blonde Cedar

Shredded Blonde Cedar


We bring top soil to our client across the area at the best rates.

Landscaping Materials

From sand to limestone, Burke's has your landscape covered.


No landscape is complete without a load of mulch from Burke's.